Personalize your app's README with custom, fun, PWA shields in SVG!

PWA Shields was created to give developers a way to show off the fact that their app is a PWA. These SVG's are created to be consistent, concise, and really really good looking.

Current Version: 1.10.2

pwa shields logo


1. Create your personalized shield on our create page.

2. Paste your snippet in your project's README file.

3. Sit back and enjoy your awesome, new looking README 😎.

Bugs or Issues?

If you are experiencing any problems or have an idea you would like reviewed for a future release, then please open an issue.


Would you like to contribute? Please see the contribution guidelines for more information on how to do so.


This project could not have been possible without the inspirational help of Shields.io. They are the leader in providing endpoints for hundreds of shields for developer README's.